Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sweet Tooth Week Part 1 & Sweaty bands

On Saturday morning, I got up early and headed out the door. My new routine, on the weekends, is to go grocery shopping, come home, go for a run, then unload the car. That's exactly what I did. On my run, I saw some stuff that you only see in the movies and I'm not proud. I saw a guy driving an older bmw, get out and walk over to a homeless looking guy, in the park. They didn't act friendly to each other. They got pretty close to each other, exchanged "something" and walked away. I just continued running, like I didn't see anything. 

It was a great morning for a run. It was cool, but sunny. One of the things that I always have a problem with, is my hair. I'm always fixing it in the middle of a run (inside or outside run). Haley, over at Sweaty Bands, sent me a cool headband to try out. I've always tried the cheap ones, from Target, and they've never really done what I needed them to do. Sweaty Bands did the job. I never had to get my hair out of my face or anything. And, it's really cute too. They have so many designs, it's hard to choose which one (or 5)to get!

(never mind the pile of groceries or the dishes in the dishwasher, in the background)

Once things got put away, I enjoyed my post run bagel (as seen on Twitter), and I lazed around the house, just like this squirrel in our backyard. A little sun bathing does the trick for a happy day (I didn't sun bathe).

 After relaxing for a bit, I needed to go pick something special up. Cameron at Nothing Bundt Cakes (don't you just love the name!) let me try out a little bundt cake.

They have so many flavors to choose from. They had a sample of their lemon cake. I tried that while trying to think of which flavor I wanted. I just wanted more lemon. I am a chocolate girl (especially after my morning run), but the lemon was so refreshing, I wanted more. Isn't it cute!

This was a single serving size, they also have bigger sizes, if you want to share (I'm not good at sharing anything, especially something this moist). It didn't last very long. The frosting wasn't over powering, at all! The cake did give me the energy I needed to finish some projects around the house! I liked going into the store, their staff was very friendly and helpful!

I have such a sweet tooth, I'm starting a full (almost full) week of reviewing yummy sweets I've been trying out.

Do you have a sweet tooth? What's your favorite?


  1. Definitely have a sweet tooth! That sounds like the perfect post-run treat.

  2. I've been wanting to try sweaty bands! They are so cute!!!

  3. That head band is way cute, and the cake is just as delicious looking :)