Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Long Run & PRO Compression Workout (& giveaway heads up)

Since I have my unexpected 10 mile race in a week and half, I need to boost up my road miles (without injury). I have been so busy with life, I haven't had time to get my miles in. I have been running, but not that far. 

So, after work, last night, I headed out for my first long run of the season. I wore my Garmin, but I made a deal with myself, I wasn't going to look at it until after I got done with my run. I didn't look at it until the very end! I did pretty well, especially for hitting as many lights as I did (I went during rush hour traffic on extremely busy streets).

My run was about 7.5 miles. It was challenging. Especially for doing it after a long day at work. I'm use to getting a good nights rest, then heading out in the morning. Plus, I had so many hills on my route. This was a new route, and I was very much out of my comfort zone. That's good to do every once in a while. I'm a little stiff, but I feel good. Tonight's spin class may be a different story.

Since I haven't ran as much as I did before, my feet don't have their calluses, like they use to. My feet hurt so much right now. It feels better to walk, but it still hurts. It kind of feels like I'm I'm walking on big rocks. I can't wait until the calluses build up. I know that sounds gross, but it's for the best. Plus, I love grossing out Jason with my disgusting feet.

My second workout of the day was putting on my compression gear (I'm not going to post a full picture). I put on my compression shorts (which save my upper legs' life) and my PRO Compression socks. I've never had a sock fit so well! When Eric (at PRO Compression) first sent these bad boys to me. I saw the feet and thought they were meant for a child. I never thought I could fit into them. A few minutes of grunting and pulling, I got them on and didn't take them off all night! They comfort my feet just perfectly. They feel so comfy and relaxing on. I LOVE the color!!

You may want to keep watching my blog, I feel a giveaway for these awesome socks coming up very, very soon!! What's your favorite color of compression sock?

Do you ever participate in a race when you haven't fully trained for it? What's the minimum time you've trained for a race? Do your feet hurt when you haven't run for a while?


  1. I have some of those on the excited to get them. Eric was kind enough to send me some and then they were a Schwaggle deal yesterday for 50% off, so anticipating that I would like them I bought two more pairs!

  2. I love white compression socks! They look good with all of my crazy colored running shorts.

  3. Nice job not looking at the Garmin. All I have is a timer and even though I have no idea what mile I'm at during a run, I still look at it. It doesn't do me any good, but for some reason I always want to know how long I've been out on the road. haha

    I love compression socks - more for recovery though. I use calf sleeves for races so that I can choose which socks to wear (thinner for short races, wright socks for longer). I really wish I had a bright green pair of socks too. All I have are black and white; BORING!

    1. Pro Compression are my favorite! I have the purple and just ordered the light blue thanks to yesterday's Schwaggle deal. I wear the compression socks all day at work after my morning runs.