Wednesday, March 28, 2012

10 in 4 Days

My internet was down yesterday, so sorry there wasn't a post yesterday. I'm back! On Monday and Tuesday, I ran one of my last few runs until the big day. I have 4 days until my 10 mile race on Sunday. I'm getting excited and also pretty nervous! This was a last minute race plan. So, I didn't get the chance to train properly. I've been running and cross training like a mad woman. All I hope is that I will finish the race uninjured. 

For the last 2 days (plus today), I am running one of my favorite routes (a 5 mile loop). I really hope that I'm doing all that I can, in such a short time) to train. I don't want to run too far too close to race day and cause injury. All I can do is keep going and run my heart out on Sunday. It will be a fun race and will go by so fast! I hope it stays dry until I'm done running. I am confident I will do well on Sunday!

I do like to keep it classy with sheets instead of blinds for our windows!

How have I been fueling for this training (short) cycle, you ask? Well, I have been eating a bunch of filling salads. They're usually filled with tons of leafy greens (of course, it is a salad), chicken, black beans, olives, croutons, and Salba seeds.

If you've never heard of Salba, well they're a great source for omega 3's and fiber (and antioxidants, magnesium, calcium, iron and foliate). Here's how they compare Salba seeds to flax seeds: 

"Here's why: Flax seed has been a popular supplement for years due to its high fiber and Omega-3 fatty acid content (alpha-linolenic acid). Simply put, Salba has more of both. Based on recent research and USDA verified information, we know that Salba has 25-30% more fiber than flax and 30% more Omega-3s (ALA) while maintaining the same ideal 3.5-to-1 Omega-3/-6 ratio.

Salba seeds also have other natural advantages over flax seeds. Unlike flax, Salba is 100% bioavailable when consumed as a whole seed. Flax seeds have a thick husk that cannot be digested and must be ground to release the Omega-3 benefits. And while flax has a powerful, nutty flavor and an oily consistency, Salba seeds have neutral flavor and smooth texture that make it the perfect functional ingredient in any recipe."

They sent me a bunch of stuff. You can't even taste their seeds or even their ground in your food. Their potato chips taste like pistachios (super yum). Jason and I were eating them one day and we were trying to think of the taste. I took a drink of my beer and ate another chip and it came to me...pistachios! Don't worry, I'm going to lay off the fiber stuff as it gets closer to race day. I don't need any unexpected stops!

What fuels you in the upcoming weeks to race day?

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