Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Getting RIPPED & sweet Tooth Part 2

On Monday night, I headed out to the gym after work. I made myself go there. I really wanted to run outside. It was sunny and 72 out there. But, I knew that I would really prefer being indoors sweaty while I got ripped. 

Since I had an hour before my class a started, I got warmed up by running a couple miles on the lovely tm. I know the tm doesn't treat some of you they way it treats others. See, the tm treats me very well! I love it and it helps me keep pace. After that, I went over to the weights. I worked every leg machine there was, except for one. These teenagers were all sharing it (about 7 of them). Oh well. With all that I was about to do in my ripped class, my legs were thanking me for not using that last machine. Since I didn't use that other machine, I went back to the cardio room and used the elliptical for about 1 mile. It was tough, but I did it. See, I hate the elliptical. It doesn't treat me well. 

6 o'clock came, and it was time. It was time to get RIPPED!!! I love this class. It hurts so good! More and more sweat kept dripping off my tired body. I think I lost a few pounds, just in sweat. I was so happy (to be done) with this class!! I heart this hurt (that I've been missing)!

As I posted on Twitter, I love my compression shorts, but I always feel fat in them (sorry to be such a girl here). I feel so good while in them and never want to take them off (plus, it's really difficult to get in and out of them). I stayed in them for about 4 hours.

Now, I love sugar! If you've been reading my blog, you know this. I'm always eating something sweet (or something that tastes oh so good). A couple of weeks ago, Pamela's Products sent me some stuff to try out. You know how I love to bake. Well, they sent me a cookie mix to try out. I only needed to add a couple of items and I was set. Here's all the details.

They were so easy to make. They were ready to be inhaled in no time! Pamela's Products makes so many products that are gluten free.

Sometimes, with mixes, they can tastes dry. These were so good!! Jason said they were one of the best cookies he's ever had. When I told him they were from a mix, he was really surprised. He even stashed a few at work (so I wouldn't eat all of them). The chocolate chunks were a natural tasting (and they were)!

They also make a mean pancake mix. I had Jason makes these one morning, since I'm not allowed to any more (because it just turns out too horrible).

Do you prefer cookie mixes, store bought, or from scratch cookies? I normally prefer from scratch, but I may buy a couple of these mixes, to have on hand in a pinch!


  1. I prefer from scratch baked goods, but only because I cut the sugar in half or use alternatives (honey, agave nectar, etc.).

  2. I'm definitely going to try these. I agree, baking from scratch is better because you can modify the ingredients.

  3. loving having boxes around in a pinch ---- so yum.
    And I'm so with you on the elliptical thing.
    love the TM.
    loathe the elliptical.

  4. I love making from scratch but have mixes that I doctor up.