Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sleep & Sweet Tooth Part 3

A couple weeks ago, I received the best package at my door step! A big box of cookies were sitting there waiting for me from Lovely Liz Cookies. I couldn't wait to open these up. I loved their green packaging material. The bubbles wash away with water and they do not contain any harmful chemicals. I was playing with these for hours! It was fun putting one in my hand and watching it magically wash away with just water. I still find them around the house and play with them!

Lovely Liz cookies is a certified vegan bakery, and everything is made from 100% natural ingredients. Once I was finished being distracted with the packaging material, the first cookie I tried was the Cowboy Cookie. This one has oatmeal, walnuts and chocolate. Look at the size of this cookie. They are all that big! Each serving about 1/2 cookie and has about 180 calories (per serving). It is so worth the calories. I'll run a million miles to eat these!

A couple nights later, I paired the Snicker Dudes with some chai tea. They wet perfect together! This was so so thick!! The cookies aren't dried out and brittle. They are soft and they melt in your mouth!

The other day, after my ripped class, I was so tired, I crashed out on the chair. Sound to sleep with a cat in my lap. It was only 9. I'm not getting up at 4 am anymore, so 9 pm bed time is pretty early now.

Well, I have my bag packed and I am going out for a run tonight, after work. I'm going to go if it's raining, if it's cold or even if it's windy. Let's see what type of weather I get to run in tonight!

What's your favorite cookie flavor? I prefer just plain chocolate chip, but I'll eat anything that has chocolate in it (or on top).

What's your bed time? I've been staying up until about 11 lately. It's kind of nice to have a real life and be able to hang out with Jason and not be a zombie all the time.


  1. Those treats look amazing! I would have a hard time eating half... definitely need to run more. Ha!

  2. Favorite cookie .. M&M Chocolate chip cookies!