Monday, April 2, 2012

SacTown 10 Miler

The night before the race, I was a little nervous because I hadn't really trained for this race. I got a free entry to the race just a couple weeks before. My longest run was 7.5 miles. I'm a crazy person and like to run the full amount, before race day. It makes me feel better to know that I can run that distance (let it be a 5k, 10k, 10 miles or half marathon). It's just a comfort thing.

I picked up my packet (in the pouring rain) and was as ready as I could be. There was a huge storm, that I was hoping would pass before race morning.

As soon as I woke up, I checked the weather. Sunny skies were shown for race day. Now, that gave me a huge smile on my face! What a great way to start. The race started right at 8 am.

This was my first race sans music. Another reason why I was a little nervous. If I got bored, I always had my music to keep me company. The first mile was pretty hard, without the music, but luckily, there was a dj and a high school band playing some pretty upbeat music. If you can't see me, I'm in the red shirt behind the lady with her hands up.

Of course, my super supportive husband was my photographer. He took some pictures of the sites around the area, while I ran. The race started at the capital. It looped around some beautiful homes, through the college and back to the capital. There was so much to look at.

 Jason got an awesome photo of me crossing the finishing line (mat).

They had pretty cool medals this year. This was the first time I ran in the SacTown 10 miler. It was such a great race, I think I may sign up next year! It goes for such a great cause, children hospitals.

Offical Time:
709/844   57/74    1:49:47

How does any runner refuel? I got straight into my compression socks (after making a pit stop for the world's best cinnamon rolls, sorry no picture). I enjoyed a big glass of chocolate milk and some Oreo cookies that they handed out at the race. I'm so glad they handed out those cookies, I've been craving them!

After relaxing for about an hour, I got changed and headed out to help Jason mow the lawn, while he weeded. Our backyard no longer looks like we live near a jungle! It was a great way to finish a great day!

What do you do after any race? What's your best medal? Do you have a ritual for the day before a race?Do you run with or without music on race day?