Friday, April 20, 2012

Good vs. Evil

I finally finished my nails last night. I know it's a crappy paint job, but they're cute, right? It's called easter egg. I think I want to call it bubble gum. This may be the last time my nails are all one color, for a while, at least.

There were so many good and "evil" things about my run last night. I'll start with the good:

* It was 75 and sunny
* There was a slight breeze
* The sun was nice & bright and keeping me warm
* I ran with some upbeat tunes that helped keep my pace
* It was warm enough to run in shorts and a tank!!!
* I carried water (very smart of me) and it was so refreshing when I needed it

The "evil"
* 75 gets pretty warm to run in. It becomes difficult when you haven't done so in a year
* The humidity was pretty high 
* A random lady waved me down (I was spacing out during the run), made me stop and pause my music and asked me if she could walk in the bike lane (there was a pedestrian path). 
* On my way back (on my out and back run), the sun was dead smack in my eyes and very blinding

After the run, I had to make a pit stop at the grocery store. I felt so bad for the people around me. I bet you could smell me a mile away. I bet the entire store needed to be aired out after I left.

By the time I got home, Jason was already home. Since I got to run outside, in shorts, I was in a very good mood. We decided to enjoy the night, outside, with a beer. I love this time of year!! It's prefect running weather!!

What's your favorite time of year? What color are your nails? Has anyone ever stopped you on a run before to ask you a question?


  1. What kind of beer did you have? Do you eliminate the consumption of alcohol during your marathon training?

    I have given up on my toe nails..My feet are trashed

    1. The beer was just Coors lite. I'm not really training for anything right now. When I was, I did limit the drinking. The last 2 months of training, I stuck with ONLY drinking water and hardly any sweets (my weakness). Thanks for reading!!