Thursday, April 19, 2012

What Not to Make for Dinner

A few years ago, there was this show on the Lifetime network called Cook Yourself Thin. It was a cooking show and the ladies always made a more healthy version of a common dish, and some new recipes, too. 

Well, I liked their show so much, I bought their book. Last night, I made sauteed spinach with grilled turkey sausage red pepper rosemary corn bread. 

I wasn't too keen on having peppers in my corn bread. But, who knows, I've had so many things that have sounded gross, but were really good. That's a pepper hanging off the spoon.

I have now learned that I don't like this recipe. I'm going to choke down the leftovers, but I won't be happy about it (I don't want to waste money and throw it away). 

You may be asking why I haven't blogged in almost a week. On Monday, I packed my gym bag, all ready to take it with me to work. While I was at work, my stomach started giving me problems. Since I'm not training for anything (no big races coming up), I decided not to push myself. I went home, showered and changed right into my pj's. Tuesday, it was worse. I think I got some sort of food poisoning. It wasn't as bad from my half marathon a few months ago. I feel better now and actually went to the gym last night. 

I did my normal routine, as if I never missed a day (or two). Since 3 people were on the stairs, I opted to the ski machine, first (instead of second). Once the 12 minutes were completed, all 3 stair machines were free! I hopped right on! 15 minutes later, I was completely warmed up and ready to start my mat work. Before my spin class started, I worked my legs with some weights. 

Spin class was great tonight! I sweat in some places I have never before! I never realized that my knees sweat. They were drenched (no, I didn't spill my water)! I left the gym feeling stronger than ever and in a super, duper good mood!

Over the weekend, Jason and I decided to celebrate having a night free! We made a pitcher of mojitos and bought some sandwiches and stayed in. It was such a nice night!

The weather has been so beautiful! I have my medium-ish run planned for after work. I have my shorts and tank all packed and I'm ready to run in the sun!

The voting is still going on, please vote for me (even if you're not local) and help bring me to the top!

How's the weather where you live? Have you ever heard of putting a pepper in corn bread? What is the weirdest thing you ever put in your food?

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  1. I'd put chopped red peppers in my corn bread...but I'm not a purist or anything like that.
    Mojitos...a fav of mine...