Friday, April 27, 2012

Smells like Band-Aids & Camping & BIC Bands Review

I had the most perfect run last night! It was 68 degrees, the sun was out and a slight breeze was hitting my sweaty face as I cruised down the freshly rained on streets. It was so clean outside. Sometimes, the smell of fresh rain reminds me of the smell I get when I go camping. I love that smell! It always reminds me of happy times. The only thing is that when I was heading back (out and back run), something around me smelled like band-aids. You know that smell when you open a new band-aid. I hate that smell. There was this sub sandwich place I use to go to and their sodas smelled liked this too. I always got water there. I hate this smell (I can't say it enough)! On to the review...

Here are a couple of my favorite things that keep my hair out of my eyes while sweating (I'm loving the BIC Bands)!

I love the snake print on my head band. I think I prefer the thicker BIC Bands compared to the thinner ones.

Every once in a while, I'll change it up with some sparkles. You know every girl like some sparkles every one in a while (even this non super girlie girl). I don't know what kind of a pose I'm doing here. Maybe, here I am on my way to a squat???

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Describe your perfect run. What keeps your hair out of your eyes (guys and girls)? What smell reminds you pf happy times (or not happy times)?

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