Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Burpees & HB Tune Review

A few hours before I was suppose to leave work, I got this urge to sit around and not do anything. I was so proud of myself! I didn't give in!! I went to the gym for my 2 hour "me time". I am so glad that I went. I always regret not working out, but I never regret working out. 

So, tonight, I had my stairs, ski machine, ab mat time and leg weights to keep me company until my 60 minute ripped class started. I never got bored, that's for sure! During class, I started to fall in love with burpees. I think I really am finding a new love (sorry stair climber, and Jason). I know what I'm not falling in love with, anytime soon...diamond push ups! I HATE, HATE them. They are so evil!! I think my hands are permanently staying in this position, because we did so many of these stupid push ups.  

A while ago I was given a smart phone running handband to try out, from HBTune.com. I haven't been running outside to much, until lately. So, I decided to try it out the other day. I didn't think it would fit my crackberry, but it does! It's pretty comfortable to carry while you're running. It even has a reflective green band (or different colors, if you choose), so you stay safe in the darkness. 

I don't carry my phone very often, when I go running. It usually gets very slippery, with sweat. Since I don't want to break it, I don't carry it. Knowing my luck, with injury, I should be carrying something to contact Jason, if I ever get hurt on a run.

It has a slim fit!

HBTune.com has a fit for almost every smart phone. 

I feel safer already, just having my phone to carry on long runs!

What is your "evil" workout? Do you have a love or hate relationship with burpees? What was your workout last night?


  1. I don't carry my phone but often think I should, just in case. I will have to check these hand-bands out!

    My evil workout used to be Burpees, but those have moved up to "okay" level. Now it's plank-push-ups, you know, going from a plank to a push-up. Last week was the first time I was ever able to do them without collapsing. They're HARD for me!

  2. I used to love burpees in bootcamp... well, a love/hate sort of thing. :)

    That handheld case looks perfect! I don't like having things around my waist so it looks like a "handy" (hehe) alternative.