Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Pain is Worth It!

Getting back into things can be a very difficult thing. I took all last week off of getting up early and going to the gym. I actually didn't work out at all last week (I do count paint ball and climbing up/down the hill to the beach a small workout, though). So, I started my week off by sleeping in, going to work and then heading to the gym.

At the gym, I ran a glorious 4 miles and then headed straight to my ripped class. Man, if I keep up with this class, I will be ripped by the holidays! There were so many moves where I worked my obliques, I'm still sore. My arms are another story. My arms are so non-existent, they still feel like jello. The instructor changed up the routine, so we're not use to it (which is a good thing).

When I got home, I was starving! As soon as I set my gym bag down, I started making dinner. I made Pioneer Woman's Pasta alla marlboro man. I love her stuff!!! So good. I think this recipe may last us all week long! Instead of ground beef, I use ground turkey. And, of course, beer helps heal your muscles after a hard workout!

I feel asleep watching a show I've been trying to watch for a while now. Jason woke me up and I was in bed by 10:15 (I know, I'm an old lady). I did have an early 4 am wake up call his morning, so I did need to hit the hay.

When my alarm went off, I really wanted to hit snooze (actually to turn it off completely) and not go. But, I forced myself out of bed (and kept telling myself that I feel better after each and every early morning workout). The main thing is that I wouldn't have to go back after work (when it's over 100).

At the gym this morning, I ran my 5k tempo run in 29:14 (not too bad for still being asleep). Since my abs and arms are still dead from last night's ripped class, those were out of my workout for this morning (especially since it has only been 14 hours since I've worked them). I lifted weights with the legs for about 1/2 hour and left.

I am super glad I got up early (even though my face says different), but it felt odd to "only" be at the gym for 1 hour this morning (I'm usually there another 1/2 hour). I get to fall asleep early tonight and go back tomorrow. I know once I get back into getting up at 4, it will be easier. I remember when it wasn't a big deal to get up this early. I just have to keep telling myself that the pain is worth it (what I have on my road id). Getting up early, fatiguing my muscles and being a zombie is all worth it!

What "pain" is worth it for you?


  1. Good for you getting back to the morning routine this morning! A few more days and it will be second nature again.

  2. I read this post before lunch, before my run.... I am extremely hungry now!!!!

    Good job on getting up early. Def worth it! I need to start doing the same.

  3. Good job getting back into the early morning routine! It's hard but after a while it's easier. I get through the "pain" of outside runs in heat here in GA!

  4. GREAT RUN especially for being a sleep!! I am exactly like you and it is so much easier to just get it done then trying to go after work! Your past looks SO good!