Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Just Shake Your Rump!

Thing s have been so crazy lately (at work & home). So many good things are happening (in my personal life). Last night when I got home, I had so much energy, I got so many things done around the house that has needed to be done for such a long time. I am so glad I went to the gym in the early morning.

When my alarm went off this morning, it felt like I only slept for a couple of hours (it was actually 6 hours), but my body was still eager to get moving.

For personal reasons, I was only able to complete 4 miles (instead of 6) today at the gym. But, I will use my "extra" time at home (before work) to get more things done that need to be (cleaning and things like that).

I was sad that only 3 miles happened, but 3 miles did happen! I will still go back tonight and maybe run 4 1/2 (instead of 4) and enjoy my 60 minute spin class. I am enjoying life and getting back into my normal routine. I have so much energy that I just want to shake my rump. Hey, maybe I'll take a Zumba class?? Has anyone every taken one? I am so not coordinated.

What are you loving right now (it could be a run, food, drinks, movies, books, etc)? I'm also loving colby jack string cheese.


  1. I have tons of friends who LOVE zumba. But it's just not for me :/

  2. ha! zumba is my worst nightmare, I am soooo not coordinated enough to pull it off.

  3. i can barely do the 'step' classes... zumba and i would NOT get along! lol.