Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Getting Ripped

After work, I hit up the gym to run 3 miles. My heel was a little too sensitive to push it, so I was able to manage 1.5 miles on the tm and the rest on some weird elliptical wanna bee (much more difficult than the elliptical though). I got done about 15 minutes before my ripped class started, so I watched the group strength training class. I've always wanted to do this class, but it's always going on when I'm working.

Ripped is going to rip me in shape. That class is so difficult. I pour sweat every single class and I love it. The instructor is so hyper, it works perfect for this class. This class is a full body workout and you use ever single muscle in your body (and never want to use it again). I'm already seeing a difference in my arms.

When I got home, Jason was already making dinner (how sweet). He made Bow tie pasta with caramelized cherry tomatoes ans sausage. I t was so good. Our tomatoes are on the right and my boss's is on the left (we're still proud).

Everything he used (we drank the beer, we didn't add it to the meal).

Final product. It was very easy to make. I'm only saying that because by the time I got out of the shower, dinner (and beer) was ready for me. He did say it was pretty easy, though.

This morning was another early wake up call. My tempo run this morning was lagging. My legs didn't want to move as fast as the rest of my body. I pushed through it and finished my 5k at 29:14 (not too horrible).

After the tm, I headed over to the weights. I worked my arms (again), legs and core. I've added a new little routine (found in the men's health gym bible). You strap your leg to a machine (that's at the bottom of one of those all in one circuits) and lift your leg to the left (while standing), then turn around and lift to the right and repeat with both sides 3 times. It really is working. I haven't had any hip pain since I've started this workout.

What is you favorite "torture" workout?


  1. You are definitely getting ripped with all of that strength training!!

    Burpees at bootcamp were always my favorite torture. I'll get back to it once marathon season is over!

  2. I don't do torture workouts. Just not my speed! Perhaps the closest thing is the yoga class I used to take - loved it but always walked out feeling like jello.

    Good for you to push yourself though!

  3. i'm trying to do more weights and such to get myself a little more ripped :) but i do think it's making me a little tired for my intense speed work runs

  4. Take 2 weeks off from running. Stick to other exercise.

  5. I love lifting. It really has helped my running. Gotta love those full body workouts. Burpees!!!!