Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mushrooms for Dinner

For dinner last night, I made Mushroom Strudel. It sounded pretty good, so I decided to go with it. I cooked up the mushrooms, garlic and onion. Then, I put everything together and popped it in the oven.

While I waited for it to cook (only about 15 minutes), I ate one of my favorite summer time salads with a beer.

By the time I finished the salad, dinner was out of the oven. I sliced it and plated it. It was pretty good. Just make sure that you let it cool enough before biting into it (extremely hot).

Since I am still sore from paint ball this weekend, and I don't want to risk injury, I am going to take this week off of the gym. Since I am not injured now, I don't want to be. I wasn't going to have a long run this weekend, so I'm not missing anything major. Running around (mostly sprinting) and doing squats for 5 hours was a huge workout for me.

What do you like to use mushrooms for?


  1. I love roasted or grilled mushrooms on pizza or in salad - those pastries look good!

    Enjoy the rest week!

  2. I love me some mushrooms....I add them to chicken with lemon juice or even just sauteed to a plain red sauce for pasta.