Sunday, August 21, 2011


Yesterday, I started my day with my 11+ mile run. Yes, Jason was still sleeping when I got back. He's a night owl, and I'm a morning person. When he got up, we hung out for a while and then we headed out. I had no idea where we were going or doing. He wanted to keep it a surprise the entire time. This is what we ended up doing:

I've been wanting to go shooting for a very long time. I've shot a rifle before, but not a hand gun. I definitely like hand guns so much better than rifles.

After we relaxed and watched some movies, we fixed dinner. BLTs, as you can tell by last weekend, these are one of my favorites. We opened a bottle of wine ate dinner outside. It was a really nice night.

Jason knows me better than anyone else. I'm having a great birthday weekend (1 of 2). I have to get ready. He's taking paintballing for my first time (he use to go all the time). I can't wait!

Have you ever gone paintballing? How many welts did you get?


  1. Happy Birthday! I once shot a Glock when I was pregnant, it was a funny sight!

  2. Uh-Oh! We have a bad girl on our hands! lol. I've shot a shotgun before but have never been to a shooting range. Looks like fun! Happy birthday!