Thursday, February 3, 2011


I ran a happy 4 miles in 42 minutes today!! It was a pretty good day today. I can't wait until it's Friday!! I love Fridays and this Friday will be super busy. Actually, this entire weekend will be super busy!! I love it when we're super busy. The busier, the better.

After the daily shower, I fixed dinner. I was able to make sliders today, since the meat was thawed. Thank you so much (Kelly for giving me the book and) Barefoot Contessa for the recipe. I loved it!

After I mixed the meat and goodies together, I grilled everything up. Technically, hubs grilled while I got the rest ready.

Also, the buns went on the grill, too.

Here's our assembly line.

Fresh off the grill, the burgers got topped off with some shredded cheese.

Here's the recipe. Let me know if you would like and I can email it to you.

The meal (sorry not much on the veggies, just spinach).

Getting up close and personal. It looks like the burger is talking to you with it's mouth open. How rude, to talk with its mouth full (ha ha ha).

I just got done watching "Devil" and it was pretty good. If you like paranormal thriller type of movies, it's a good one to watch.
What are your plans this weekend? I have a brewing party to go to tomorrow, as well as a bunch of errands before hand. Saturday, we're spending the day at the snow and Sunday, I have my first 10k race. It'll be a pretty fun weekend that will go by too fast.
Are you going to cheer for anyone in the Super Bowl? I really watch the game for the commercials.


  1. I love Barefoot Contessa! And yes you can email me the recipe at your earliest convenience...those look way too good! It might be a good post-marathon treat... :)

    Good luck at your race this weekend! That mileage sure is coming back fast for you! Sweet!

  2. Those look fantastic! Now I have a craving for a big juicy burger... or a mini one!

    Enjoy the busy weekend!!!

  3. Those look yummy!

    I'm throwing a party tomorrow too for one of my running friends. Can't wait!

  4. I love sliders! I think I'm going to find myself a delicious burger this weekend :)

  5. I love sliders!

    I'm rooting against the Steelers. :)

  6. YUM!!!!!!!

    Happy Friday, today is your favorite day!!!!