Thursday, February 10, 2011

Running Does a Body Good

Today was an easy day at the gym. At first, I wasn't wanting to go. But, I forced myself to go. I always feel better aft a nice run (even a short one). I've been noticing a difference in my body since I got back on track (and healed from the injury). My butt is getting smaller, thighs are getting tighter, my abs are getting the 6-pack it deserves and my arms are getting toned. I love seeing results! It makes everything worth it.

All the pain, tiredness, aches and being so grumpy when I don't get enough sleep, everything has been worth it. And, when I cross that finish line in 79 days, I will prove to myself and everyone else, that has been all worth it! I feel like I'm in better shape than before I got injured. This has been a long and tiring week, but I'm starting to see everything the way it's turning out and making it worth my while! I'm so glad that I am able to get out there and run!

I ran on the TM for an easy 2 miles and continued my PT. I hate it when I have to park next to the hamburger place and walk past it to get to the gym. It smells so good!

I don't have any pictures from today, so here's one of Izzie.

Hope everyone has a great Friday!! We're almost there!


  1. Completely worth it! Enjoy the next 79 days before your success.

  2. Good job running! I have a tough time when I'm not really feeling it but good for you for getting out there!!

  3. AWESOME that you are seeing such positive results! I'm sure all of those things are happening over here too, I just can't tell under the layer of Christmas and Vacation "fluff". lol