Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Itsy Bitsy Spider

That's not what it was. It was an itsy bitsy pain in my knee. Opps! I was able to run a full 5 miles without pain. It was just when I was walking over to the weights when I started feeling some pain in my knee. I continued my PT and headed home.

Fresh out of the shower, it's time to eat and ice.

Is anyone on Twitter? I'm signing up and wanted some people to follow. My name on there is RunnerFuel.


  1. I hope your knee feels okay again soon! Keep that brace on and rest up!!

    I'm on Twitter. @marleneruns

  2. Rest that knee!

    I'm on twitter. @tmbrunnerfirst

  3. Ouch!! I've never had to run with one of those around my knee, but I've had my share of injuries. :)

  4. I just noticed you're on twitter! I'll follow ya back : )

  5. Going to follow you on twitter now!!!!