Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Notice Something Missing?

Is there something missing? I think I am not wearing my knee brace anymore!! Look how excited I ma in the face! My big smile shows the excitement.

I finished 4 miles on the tm (after yesterday's 8 1/2) and am feeling great! My legs were a little heavy, but started feeling better about mile 3. I know, towards the end. My quads are getting stronger, so I can further easier. It feels awesome!!!!!! Behind my knee was staring to chafe (not good), so I'm glad I'm able to run without the brace.

I finished my pt after the 4 miles and headed home. Tonight's dinner is going to be a bunch of leftovers thrown into a bowl.

My new thing that I'm doing is posting earlier and talking about the night before dinner (since I eat later than I post). You'll still get to see what fuels me for my runs, just a few hours later.

What has been your biggest accomplishment since you've started running?


  1. Yay for no knee brace!!!!

    My biggest accomplishment was losing 30 pounds! To this day I cannot believe I have come so far!

  2. So aweseome!! Yeah you look great without the brace! :)

    Still waiting for my big accomplishment...running wise anyways... :)

  3. Yet again CONGRATS on the lack of brace! My fingers are crossed that it stays that way.

    My biggest accomplishment sing I started running is just that, the fact that I started running. haha

    Back in high school I would have laughed at you if you asked me to run for fun outside of some sort of game. So it's incredible to think I'm training for 26.2 miles of fun running. I still think I'm a little weird from time to time.

  4. Congrats! That's super exciting!!! My biggest accomplishment is that I'm still running!

  5. YAY for no brace and another great run!

  6. Congrats on going knee-brace-less :-) My biggest accomplishment since I started running is going more than 3 miles - which is all I used to run!

  7. uh oh! scandalous nude-knee photographs! ;) congrats brace-less!

  8. Hooray!!!! Teach me how to get rid of my knee braces! :)