Saturday, February 19, 2011

6 Miles in Now a Short Run!!

Last night, we finished our night with some pizza and a beer (one for each of us). I can't believe that I didn't have anything planned for dinner. That is so rare! Oh well, we got to order some yummy pizza (and got a great deal).

We shared the cheesy garlic bread.

Hubs pizza (I hate pineapple).

My pizza (I'm pretty plain).

This morning, I got a little later than my normal Saturday routine. I ran 6 miles on the treadmill. If I had more time, my legs would have allowed me to keep going. It felt so good getting on the TM and get going. I had 2 consecutive days off of the gym and my legs missed the runs. I'm so glad that the 6 mile run felt like a short run. I'm finally where I want my legs to be!
It's been a lazy day (once I got home from the gym). We're catching up on the DVR, and relaxing. One of my many snacks I had to day was plain greek yogurt, PB and my home made granola bars (crushed up). It was so yummy.

I think this should be able to hold me over until dinner (left over pizza, the best kind) tonight.
I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend (only 2 days for me).


  1. Granola and yogurt is a great combo... almost as good as pizza! Great job on the run!

  2. If it wasn't late already I would be putting a pizza in the oven myself right now. Oh the power of suggestion.

    I'm so glad to hear you've made 6 miles your short run! It feels great to have a solid base, doesn't it?! Just being able to say "Oh, I'm just going out for an easy six miles" is awesome. Keep it up - maybe sixTEEN will be the next "easy." haha

  3. Good food and a good run. Life is good!