Monday, February 28, 2011

Not Wasting a Single Second

I caved, I made brownies last night. They were good, but not special enough to post. I was watching the Food Network Channel and couldn't resist. I love baking!! I haven't baked since x-mas time. That is a really long time for me.

This is what our house looked like this weekend. It was a very lazy weekend for everyone.

Scoutie taking her millionth nap of the day (not very happy about me taking a picture with the flash).
Izzie trying to shield her eyes from the flash by hiding behind her tail.

Mickey is just use to me taking a million pictures (he's good at ignoring me).

I ran mile 4 miles for the day and I was even able to make it to spin class! I haven't gone for a week. It felt good to get back into it. The instructor kept repeating "don't waste a single second". We did so many 60 second hill drills/sprints. It was crazy. So, I haven't been wasting a single second. Every second is being put to good use, even if it's resting and watching a thousand hours of tv. This is good use because my legs need rest and this is how I rest (this is what a tv-aholic says).
I am pretty nervous for tomorrows 9 mile run. I'm not sure why. I got some really good advice on facebook and I now know that I will be trying my first GU tomorrow. I'm not sure which flavor, yet. It's so hard to choose. I think I will take it about mile 4 1/2. That will be at the half way mark. I can't wait, but I'm still nervous! What always curbs my nervous system is to read RW.
I'll let you know how my longest run to date goes tomorrow. Wish me luck!


  1. As far as GU goes, I've tried Mandarin Orange and Strawberry Banana. The first was GREAT, but I was not a fan of the latter. I've also had the Hammer Gel espresso (yuck!) and raspberry (yum!).

    Good luck with your run!

  2. Good luck with the 9 miles tonight!

  3. YOU CAN DO IT!!! I can't wait to read about how you rocked your 9 mile run!!!!! I LOVE your cats!! Brownies and food network channel=amazing! I am going to have to copy your spin instructor:)

  4. I love how the cat sleeps in the little crevice between the sofa pillows!