Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Running Like an Engerizer Bunny

Last night's dinner was amazing!! First, we had salad. The salad contained fresh spinach, hard boiled egg, red peppers and green onions. I topped it off with some yummy feta salad dressing.

Second course was quesadillas. In the quesadillas, we had cheese (of course), diced red peppers, green onions, white onions, chicken and refried beans.

Fold over and fry on the stove top.

Final product.

Next, time to enjoy while watching some X-Files. Yummy in my tummy! Yes, as you may notice, I eat on the couch and use my pillow as a table. It works for me.

Tonight, I had 8 1/2 miles on the schedule. It was completed, no problem. I started to get a little tired towards the end (last mile). I had some fun shows to watch (Judge Judy, Friends and King of Queens), so I was entertained. I watched as people came on the tm and went off. I could tell that I was getting some strange looks, but I like strange looks. I felt like I was the energizer bunny that kept going and going (running and running). I love this feeling!
So far, my legs feel good, but my feet are a little tender. I'll take a shower, put my favorite socks on (compression) and ice my knees while I eat left overs.
If you're training for your first 1/2 marathon (or full), which training schedule are you following? I'm not really following one. I kind of just make it up as I go. I know that I want to run a very minimum of 20 miles per week and that I will raise the long runs 1/2 miles each week.


  1. I think from now on, whenever I don't know what to make for dinner, I'm gonna' check blogger. Between everyone I follow, there is always a new meal being talked about. Oh the power of suggestion! I predict quesadillas will be prepared in this household on Thursday (just a guess!) I love it!!

    I love "you're crazy" looks!!

    My half-marathon training was extremely ad-lib! Lots of 3-5 mile runs and a few 6-10 runs. From that experience, I simply suggest making sure you get up in mileage to know what to expect out of your legs, lungs, mind, etc. I pushed myself much harder in race than I had in training and paid for it (collapsed at the finish line and lost three toenails, haha). My long training runs were at 8:30+/mile and I raced 7:14/mile. I'm only now building up my base for the Spring half and full marathon, but I will certainly let you know when I finalize a training schedule. Best of luck!

  2. Nice work on the big run - you're doing great!

    Dinner looks delish... and I always eat on the couch too.

  3. Awesome job on your run!!! Those food pics are making me hungry :)