Sunday, February 27, 2011

Overcome By Laziness

I was so tired last night. I think I was off and on sleeping since about 6:30 last night. I can't believe how tired I was.

For dinner, last night, we had left overs. I made this the other night and I never posted it. It was super easy to make. I bought the cook book at the Dollar Tree store.

It definitely tasted better the first night. It wasn't as creamy last night. Oh well.

I've been so lazy all day. I haven't wanted to do anything. This is fine, because I start the same old schedule tomorrow. Monday's are usually my busy/crazy days.
Only a few more minutes until my poll closes.


  1. I was crazy tired yesterday. My run today seems to have energized me. I wish the caveman would eat broccoli. I love it.

  2. Must be in the air, I was crazy tired this week.

  3. I dont know what it is but I was feeling the exact same way!! I was ready to hit the hay at like 8 last night.. Haha somehow I managed to keep my eyes open until around 11. Then I proceeded to sleep until 9. Glorious! :) Hope you have a great week!

  4. Pasta leftovers are never as creamy!