Thursday, October 28, 2010

There's Nothing to 7 Miles!

I didn't have time to eat lunch at work. I had to quickly eat a bar at work before I left to run OUTSIDE! I had 7 miles on my schedule. I took every precaution I could not to hurt my knee. I wore my brace and took some anti-inflammatory pills. I watched closely how I placed my feet on the ground as I ran.

I didn't get ran over this time. Cars were pretty careful not to hit me. How sweet, these people realized that I had the right away. My 7 miles went by so fast. I had some issues for my first 3 miles (bathroom issues) and had to wait to use a restroom for the 3 miles. I was running around a park and there was no way in the park except for 2 entries. Oh well, I made it! So, my time was pretty bad...1:26. I'm just glad I didn't have any accidents.

My knee feels great and I have no pain anywhere. Right now, I'm giving myself a much needed facial and I also gave myself a much needed pedi. Next on the list is a shower and a mani. Here are some more random food I have made over the year...

Fruit Salad...

Rosemary Foccicia Bread...

Pecan Pie (I hate pecan pie, but it's hubby's favorite)...

I hope everyone is enjoying the runs and am enjoying reading your blogs. I'll have a new poll tomorrow. I'm off to shower!
What is your favorite drink (acholic or non-acholic)?


  1. That Rosemary Fociccia Bread looks so good! Can you post the recipe?

  2. Do you run in the street, facing traffic? It's much safer that way. I care about your safety. ;)

  3. Favorite drink? Mango Margaritas...must use First Call Mango mixer, it is the best. I haven't had one in a long time, they don't mix well with training.

  4. was just thinking of pecan pie the other day since Thanksgiving is coming favorite drinks are coffee for daytime, and chardonnay for nighttime. : )