Thursday, October 21, 2010

Moving Target

After work, I did not head to the gym...I went for a long run outside. I was so excited. It was a nice and breezy 65 degrees outside. I went to my local park and mapped out exactly where I was going to run. I couldn't figure out a route that was 6 1/2 miles. Everything I tried was either 5 1/2 or 6 miles. I really needed 6 1/2 today. I ended up figuring something out.

I headed out on the trail and made my way out on the street (actually sidewalk). I started crossing an entrance to a local coffee shop and checked to see if anyone was coming any way. No one. Pretty, soon, I head horns honking, I look around and someone was pulling from across the street (across 4 lanes of traffic) and almost hit me. When I originally looked, no one was around. They must have been coming pretty, pretty (Larry David reference) fast. Good thing I didn't get hit. That wouldn't have been a good start to my run.

The next entertaining thing that happens was, that I was on the sidewalk and no one was coming, once a gain. Someone was waiting for me to cross, so they could take a left where I was coming from. Instead of waiting, they decided to gun it when I was in the middle of the road. I could have kicked their car, and I should have. Jack asses for my #2 almost hit.

I finished my run without anymore run ins with any cars. I made my second loop around my run (very long loops, so it wasn't so boring). I then started feeling pain in my knee. I've have knee problems before and they finally went away. I haven't felt any pain this entire training. As soon as I got near my car and started walking, the pain magically went away. I ended running 6.68 miles in 1:18:22. I think that's pretty good for waiting for 2 lights to turn green, almost getting hit by 2 cars and having knee pain. What I forgot to mention is that I now have a blister on the inside part of my toe that is closest to the big toe. What a strange place to have a blister.

I'm going to heal up tomorrow and head out again for a slightly shorter run on Saturday (I'm think 6 miles or so). I'm going to try that trail near my house again and not turn (the opposite of last time). I have my compression socks on, my belly filled and I'm clean. It's time to relax and eat some greek yogurt with PB. My fav!! If anyone wants to buy me any early Christmas present...PB...

Here I am passing mile 3 at my last race...Go me!!

In my poll, it looks like 67% of you guys prefer to run on trails and 37% prefer pavement. I think I prefer pavement when it's nice and cool (and light out). I will run on the treadmill if it's too hot or dark. Answer my newest poll and we'll see how you guys cross train. Don't forget about my giveaway. It ends tomorrow. I'll pick a winner on Saturday.
Do you get blister in weird spots?


  1. Knock on wood I don't usually get blisters.

  2. I am with Kovas, fingers crossed. I have gotten some bad ones in the past on my feet, but knock on wood, not lately!

    Great run, I love that photo.

  3. Great job on the long run! Too bad about those idiot drives but luckily you didn't end up hit!

  4. Nice long run! No blisters in weird spots...unless feet are weird.