Thursday, October 7, 2010

Construction Can Ruin a Run

Today was completely normal. Work is getting busier and busier (which is a great
hing). I had tuna for lunch (still a 1/2 sandwich). We have a lot left over from our dog.

After work, I got changed and went to run outside. I drove to a local park. I was so excited to run outside during the week. Usually, I can only run outside on the weekends. It's finally getting cooler...I love fall weather!

My run was pretty good. I took it nice and easy. I set a new PR. I finished my 6 mile run in 1:05! I know, I'm awesome (just kidding). I did have a lot of obstacles to go through. I go about 1/4 mile into my run, I saw construction workers starting to appear. I thought they were cleaning up (since it was about 4:30pm). They were actually just starting to clean up and blow lose dirt everywhere. The only way to continue was to run through the blowing dirt. I also came across fresh tar, and huge rocks to jump over (in the middle of the road). Oh well, all that matters is that I finished and I PR'd!!

When I got home, I immediately put on my compression socks (to heal my soon to be sore legs), and did some house cleaning. I then ate some left over meatball sandwiches (which I finished, so sad). After watching some shows on the dvr, I then showered and finished cleaning up. Now, I'm blogging while listening to Judge Judy and playing with Izzie.

I'm getting hungry, so that means it's time for a snack. Last night, I had 2 of my Peanutella Balls crunched up with some plain Greek yogurt. Such a great combo. The balls are almost gone, I'm going to make some more tomorrow. I think I'll make a double batch.

What is you biggest weakness, for dessert (recipes please)?


  1. All of my dessert weaknesses are bad for you, so I rarely eat them...but I love the corner piece of a brownie, heated up with a bit of vanilla ice cream. Heaven.....

  2. Compression socks are the best. I have multiple pairs but my fav is black so I can rock them under work pants! Congrats on the new PR girly!!!

  3. Woohoo, congrat on the 6 mile PR!! :) Nothing feels finer....except maybe dessert! I just like anything with sugar, period. Ha! Have a great weekend!

  4. congrats on the pr! i don't know what morgan's issue is - i totally wear my non-black compression socks at work :)

  5. That is an awesome time! Those balls look amazing! I need to get on those! Good thing I am going to the grocery store tonight! :) Have a Rad weekend!