Saturday, October 16, 2010

Oktobersfest 2010 5k

First thing this morning, I ran some errands. We needed food so badly, I needed go go there before we could even eat anything. I went and finished everything before 9am. Go me!! On the way home, I picked up some Noah's Bagels. I love their bagels. They're so good and so fresh. Mine were pulled off the freshness made.

I ate normally throughout the day. I had a 5k race today. My mouth was feeling like nothing ever happened to it!! I was so happy! My hubby and I headed out to Davis, so I could participate in a 5k race. The race didn't even start until 5:30pm. We got there a little early, so I could pick up my bib and look at everything. There were so many people there. It was held at Sudwerk Brewery. I'd never been there before this race. They had some pretty good beer!

Like I said, so many people. Pretty good for their 1st year!

The race was pretty crazy., We had to climb over the freeway barriers in order to get where the race started. Everyone was cutting off each other in order to get in front. The slow runners/walkers were in the middle of the bike path we were racing on. I had to remind myself of what kind of race this was. At the end, you received a free pint glass with free beer included. after that, I calmed down some.

Here's the band that was keeping the spectators busy while we raced (pictures done by my hubby).

Here I am at mile 3. Just .1 miles to go. Can I beat my 30:59 PR??

Standing in line to turn in my tag...a new PR set of 30:26.!!!

We were so bored waiting in line to get my free pint.

Waiting for them to fill me up. The lines were so crazy. I was debating if I wanted a free pint that bad.


I guess I did want my beer that bad. It never tasted so good!!

Inside the brewery. Trying to get warm. It was so breezy. With all that sweat on me, the breeze made me feel like I was freezing to death.

They had some games and stuff, but the hubby and I were too hungry to wait. Tables would have taken about 2 hours to be seated. So, we walked about 1/4 mile to this cute taqueria and had the best burrito of my life!!
I think this is the best shirt I have ever gotten!! Scout was very curious of what I brought home.

What's your current race and your current PR for that race??


  1. Congrats on a new pr! Looks like a fun race! I love when races give out useful things like pint glasses or coffee mugs!

  2. congrats on the pr! i love the beer giveaway :) and the slogan is great!

  3. Woo hoo!! Awesome job and congrats on the PR:) It looks like such a fun the pictures!

  4. Yay for PRs and yay for free pints at the end! Way to go.

  5. Congrats on your new PR! Awesome. And I would have definitely stood in line for free beer and pint glass. :)

    No races coming up anytime soon for me. Taking a winter break and getting back out there next spring.

  6. Yay for PRs - no matter how small!!! ;)

  7. Yay! Big congrats on your new PR! Way to go! Great pictures too!

  8. Yay for a new PR!

    My current race is 5K and my official PR is 25:57.

  9. wait wait wait.... a race held at a brewery AND a PR!? That is amazing!!