Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cry all day long...

Work was normal and I headed off to the gym. I wanted to spend some time trying to work up a nice sweat. I started off by running sprints and hills on the treadmill for 3 miles. Afterwards, I worked on my abs for 20 minutes and then started working on my arms for about 35 minutes. I wasn't feeling like I worked up a sweat as much as I wanted. I then decided to work on the stair master for 15 minutes. That did the trick!

When I got home, I was starving. I looked at my recipe to see how long dinner was going to take. I took about 1 hour to prepare and everything. I made Linguine with Chicken Thighs. One of the items I had to chop were some onions. I hate chopping onions! They always make me cry. I ball tears for 1/2 hour afterwards. I've tried so many little things (ie: cutting under water, with a candle near by, and some others). Nothing is working to not make me cry. Do you guys have any suggestions?

Here is the onions and garlic cooking.

The tomatoes have been added.

Added chicken after the first 15 minutes.

Everything put together. Yummy!!

I usually try to stay away from chicken thighs, just because they are so high in fat and oily. They do provide so much flavor, though. These worked well with this meal. I don't think breasts would have worked. I think I will eat a banana for dessert.


  1. I'm reading this at 12 midnight. Now I'm hungry! haha!

  2. Hills on the TM! I don't have the mental toughness for that. Too easy to not up the incline level ;)

    I am rarely found in the kitchen so I can't help with the onion tears, sorry

  3. Awesome job working up a sweat! Dinner looks great.

  4. I would have a banana smothered in Nutella!! Yeah yeah yeah!! I am such a bad influence. But the Pioneer Woman is going to make me fat. Just saying, she has the best recipes!!

  5. I'm making shrimp scampi with angel hair pasta tonight. ;)