Monday, October 4, 2010

The Workout That Didn't Exist

Today was a very long day. I can't believe that I could keep my eyes open as long as I did. I still haven't caught up from Thursday. I was still tired from my last 6 miles. I never slept in this weekend. I decided the best thing for my body was to take another rest day. I had a lot to do at home (I needed to catch up from not being home this weekend).

My co-worker brought in Halibut dip (like crab dip, but with Halibut). I stuffed my face and didn't eat lunch. The dip was so good! He makes this only twice a year. I have to beg him to make it this often. I guess it's good thing.

Of course, when ever taking an unplanned rest day, I feel so guilty. Especially after stuffing my face. On my lunch break (I didn't eat, only slept), I took a nap. When I woke up, my eyes burned so badly and I couldn't see straight. I tell you what, I can't wait to back back to the gym tomorrow!

I was looking at my post from yesterday and half the text was missing, I'm not sure what happened. I wanted to make sure that I mentioned that I wore my Spi Belt on our hike and it was so comfy. It never once slide around or anything. It held my camera and my snacks.

One reason why I didn't eat lunch after our hike was because we took a break (once we got to the lake) and we ate something I ate some of New England Naturals granola. It was so tasty and obviously, it was very filling. I love this stuff!

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Do you ever take any unplanned rest days while training? How do you feel afterwards?


  1. It's soooo important to know when to take a rest day. Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Nothing wrong with taking an unplanned rest, especially when you are that dog tired! Don't feel guilty.

  3. i have been taking too many unplanned rest days lately... lol. i feel guilty after most of them (the ones i shouldn't have taken), especially if i ate bad. if i needed the rest (or only take 1-2 days off/week) i don't feel bad. sometimes you just need some rest - scheduled or not!

  4. You know, I have been feeling the rest days creeping up on me too. My wife said that sometimes your body knows better than your mind does. So, I'll pass that bit of wisdom on to you as well!!

  5. I always feel guilty taking unplanned off days. But when my body feels 10x better the next day I forgive myself :)