Friday, October 1, 2010

Busy Friday Night

It was a nice day at work, not as busy as I expected, but nice. About 1pm, my boss walked in with bagels. He got my favorite, chocolate chip. With this bagel, I don't toast it or put anything on it. I just eat it plain. The best way! I was still full by the time my lunch came around, so I just took a nap (much needed). I woke up refreshed and ready to work. The rest of my work day went by fast.

By the time I got home, I was pretty hungry (because I didn't have lunch). So, I heated up left overs from last night and made some brown rice. This time, I ate mostly with chop sticks. The rice is always difficult for me. So good, even the next day!

Tomorrow morning, we leave for a camping trip. It's going to be a short one, but much needed one. We're going to Lake Berryessa. This is in the Bay Area of California. I've never been there, but I heard it's privately owned. There is of course, a lake and lots of hiking to be done. I can't wait! Hiking and laying in the sun (if it's warm enough there). This workout will be different from my usual run. We usually hike so much through the day. That's usually all we do until the sun goes down.

I've made us some yummy treats. I made some brownies, and (baked) donut holes and chili. We have oatmeal for breakfast and PB&J for lunch and granola bars, bananas and grapes for snacks. I'll be hiking all this food off, so I'll be pretty hungry.

I've had my little girls following me around the house as I pack and get all our gear out. Here's me and Izzie relaxing. I know it looks like I'm choking her, but she likes the be held like this...very strange.

Good night all and enjoy your weekend. Sunday, I'll be posting my recipes and letting you know how everything turned out. Don't forget to enter my giveaway!
Are you a big camper? How many times a year do you try to go? My goal is to climb Mt. Helena (in CA).

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