Friday, October 15, 2010


I had some toast for breakfast (without coffee) and then ate my tuna fish sandwich early, because of the dentist appointment. I wasn't sure how I was going to manage not eating for 5 hours. I usually eat about every 2-3 hours.

After the dentist, I was starving.My hubby took my to Target to pick up some Aleeve (for the pain in my mouth). We also stopped by Jack in the Box for one of their Oreo cookie milkshakes. I love this milkshake. I hardly ever eat these, because I can't even imagine how bad they are for you. I also grabbed a burger for later.

After we got home, I ate the shake (via spoon) and relaxed a while. I was starting to get hungry again, so hubby was so sweet that he cut up my burger into teeny, tiny pieces. I think a baby could have eaten this based on their size. This is only half of the burger.

I am starting to get hungry, again. I think that 6.5 mile run yesterday really got to my stomach. I've been hungry all day. Tomorrow, I have my 2nd night race. It's going to be my last 5k (besides some of the others that I do EVERY year...2-3 per year). The rest will be 10k's. I'm excited. I have to decide which 10k I will start with. My mouth will be just fine to run tomorrow. I can't wait to race. That's one thing I look forward to. I love competing!!

What's you favorite thing about running?

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  1. I hope your mouth is feeling better! Have a great time at the race.

    For me, it's all about the finish line and reaching those goals!