Friday, October 22, 2010

Runners Knee??

When I woke up this morning, my knee was already hurting me. I put on my knee brace, first thing. All day, at work, I had my knee up. I have been and will continue icing it and elevating it. I am determined to have this healed by Sunday. I have had this pain before and it went away pretty quick. I am going to take tomorrow off from any working out.

My plan tomorrow is to go grocery shopping (and have the hubby help me bring the groceries up the stairs), and get my hair done. I can't wait (for the hair, not the groceries)!

So obviously, I took the day off from working out (as I do every Friday). We watched some shows on the dvr and relaxed. Hubby brought home a pizza after he got off of work. I ordered it, but had him pick it up. I've been craving pizza for months now, and have finally met my craving. I'm good now for quite a few months.

Pizza, beer and my hubby...what a great Friday night!

(pepperoni, ground hamburger and black olives)


  1. Injuries are the pitts! Get better. ;)

  2. I hope your knee is okay with a few days of rest.

    Mmmmm, PIZZA!!!!!

  3. YUMMMM!! Nothing better on a Friday night! Careful with the knee! Do you strength train the quad, by chance?? Happy Weekend!

  4. sounds like a great friday to me, minus the funky knee pain :( hope it either clears up or at least isn't anything serious!