Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Soreness Takes Over

Nothing special about today. Same 'ol thing as normal. I went to the gym and enjoyed myself. I'm still sore from yesterday's workout. My arms are killing me. At the gym, today, I ran another 4.25 miles (46 minutes) and participated in a 60 minute spin class.

When I got home, I showered and then threw some laundry in the wash. I have to have my workout clothes. I usually end up hanging almost everything. It's kind of funny. After getting clean, I made myself a couple of PB&J sandwiches. The chicken will be thawed shortly. So, I will be prepping dinner for tomorrow. I will be making Baked Parmesan Chicken (I will include the recipe tomorrow).

Here's a picture of my cooking the other day. Can you tell I love cooking and baking!!??

On my poll, it looks like 64% of you guys like to eat bananas to help refuel after a long run. I am one of those people. 17% of the people like oranges and 29% like grapes. I'm on this grape fix right now, but not too much after a long run. Be sure to fill out the new poll. Don't forget to comment for my giveaway.


  1. I love frozens grapes!!! Really refreshing.

  2. Bananas, honey, and nut butter is perfect, pre or post run!

  3. My fave after a run is chocolate milk!

  4. 46 minutes on the treadmill and a 60 minute spin class! You're a machine!!! Love it!!!

  5. Look at you all cute in the kitchen. I'm never smiling when I'm in the kitchen, usually I'm cursing. Hehe. On your poll to the right...that was a hard one cuz I honestly love ALL those surfaces. But I picked trails cuz that's the most fun :).