Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Workin hard!

So, I'm currently crib training Shane. He only sleeps on me. So, I have to train him to sleep on his own, by himself. The night time training is always fun! I went through the same exact thing with Lars.

Now, Shane in his his crib (sleeping 35 minutes out of 60 & crying the rest), in the morning & evening. I just have the afternoon & night time left. While he's in his crib, Lars watch a cartoon & I do little things around the house & have a mini workout session.

My night time routine is now, 100 squats (usually while hiding Shane...for the extra weight), my same old ab & leg routine & 100 jumping jacks. I got a nice little sweat on! I loved it. I am planning on making time for me (aka working out). After finding out that my pants finally fit me, it encourages me to work harder. 

With weekends being so busy with Christmas so close, it's so hard to fit in a run, let alone have the motivation. At least I'm making some progress!

What are you training for? What time of day do you workout?

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