Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The shadow workout

I love to watch (& join in) Lars play outside. While he enjoys his slide or the balls we have in the backyard, I'll start my workout (the things I can do standing, since it's pretty muddy back there). 

I'll do my 100 squats,

And my 100 jumping jacks (I do these at least 5 X a week). 

With the super cold weather, I can wear layers & be fine. 

Lars loves his water (he drinks milk with his meals). I think I did good when he calls his water "nummy". 

The sun has been playing peek a boo lately. I love it when it comes out. We (here in California), we need the rain, so that's nice too. We just love being outside.

Where do you workout? What's your weather like right now?

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