Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tiny Soles

A few weeks ago, Lars received an awesome gift in the mail from Tiny Soles. They have the cutest shoes and slippers for your little ones! They came super fast too!

I loved the presentation that they gave!

How cute are their moose slippers! I love their acorn line! It was so difficult to choose one pair! I may have to go back and get Shane a pair of slippers, too.

The bottoms don't have grippies, but Lars (being almost 2), doesn't need them anymore. 

He loves his slippers and they fit him perfectly! They keep his feet super warm on our cold tile kitchen floor (his favorite place to play during the winter (and not the summer)). 

I am now a huge fan of Tiny Soles! I think I'll get the frog slippers for Shane next!

A huge Thank you to Tiny Soles for sending Lars this awesome gift (and getting it to us so fast)!

I always wear slippers during the colder months. Do you? What is your go to foot wear (besides running shoes)?

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