Thursday, December 3, 2015

2 months already! & outdoor fun before the storm

How does time go by so fast?!? My youngest little boy is already 2 months old! It seems like we just brought him
Home yesterday. But, I don't remember what it was like before he can home. Shane is now cooing like crazy, smiling, laughing, loving his play pad. He loves to throw punches and kicks likes crazy. He loves to watch Lars play & can't wait to join him!

Lars loves our mommy and Lars time we have while Shane is napping (they take their afternoon nap at the same time). Today, we decided to enjoying the chilly weather & head out back. We kicked the ball around and played on the slide.

Once we got too cold, we headed in the garage. I mentioned before, I turned our garage into a play/workout area. Lars plays while I workout. 

We bought a portable heater to keep the garage a little warmer than outside. It works & we enjoy it a lot!

How do you stay warm while entertaining a little one?

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