Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What's in Your Bag?

I was reading one of my favorite blogs, The Hungry Runner Girl. She had a great idea. To mention what you had in your gym bag.

This bag is with me at all times, so it is a big part of me. So, here's what I've got inside:

In the main pocket, since I'm usually coming from work or something else, I carry my gym clothes with me. I have my sports bras, tank top, capris, a water bottle, 2 weight books, a towel that I use for the spin classes, my knee brace and a jacket.

The small front pocket, I have my mp3 player, extra batteries, my lock (for the lockers), a hair clip, pony tail hair bands, the big band that goes around your entire hair (to hold it back), some energy packets and of course my chapstick.

In the side left pocket, I keep my shoes. It is protected in case they get wet, so nothing else does.

In the right side pocket, I have my towel for when I workout on the machines, my running water bottle and another brace, just in case.

So, I guess the question is, what's in your gym bag?


  1. Ugh. Sadly my bag is empty. Haven't even been to the gym this year. That will change as soon as my sick kiddos are well.

  2. Ha, fun post - my bag is the same except for the girly stuff. But I do have swim goggles and a nose clip because I think I can swim ... (but I can't!)

  3. I wish I had a side pocket big enough to hold my running shoes...

  4. The shoe pocket is genius! I always keep plastic bags in mine so I can stuff the wet shoes/clothes in there and prevent everything else from getting icky.

  5. AHHH I LOVE THIS!! Your bag is ADORABLE!!! I want it!! Love the shoe pocket...I will be copying you! I need to get me some weight books! Have a great day gorgeous girl!

  6. Shoes, clothes, socks, hair thingy, GU, safety pins for bibs, non-petro jelly, lip balm, gloves... Wow, that's boring.

  7. I am so meticulous about my running bag when I head out on race day!

    -drawstring sport bag
    -TNi Energy Belt (E-Belt)
    -Nike Vomero running sunglasses
    -Sportslick body lubricant
    -Mizuno Runnap bib snaps
    -mini hole punch
    -Mizuno Running Chamois Towel (17X21cm)
    -Phiten Power Tape Aqua Titan self-adhesive discs
    -Garmin 305 Forerunner GPS with heart rate monitor strap
    -Nike+ receiver and foot pod
    -ipod with arm strap & ear buds
    -plastic squeeze coin holder
    -a camelbak filled with ice and water
    -moisture wicking running hat
    -various fuels (electrolytes, gel, post-run protein powder)
    -a blender bottle
    -cash for bag-check & souvenirs
    -a thin rubberband or two & a tiny baggy of safety pins
    -a hair elastic, elastic headband & a half a dozen mini claw hair clips
    -SPF 15 sunscreen (seasonal)
    -ski-wrap head band (seasonal)
    -mizuno running gloves (seasonal)
    -a fold-top sandwich baggie with twisty-tie - to cover ipod in rain
    -a 45liter clear thin plastic with pre-cut head and arm holes

    I thoroughly enjoy putting it all together the night before my race and always feel very prepared at my event!