Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

This morning was nice. I slept in and woke up without an alarm clock. I woke up to a little kitten trying to bite my nose. Not the best way to wake up, but not the worst.

When we got up, we starting making breakfast. Hubs went right on to squeezing orange to make fresh juice. We drank 4 8oz glasses and he squeezed 15 oranges in order to get that much.

I made whole wheat waffles. These were the "rejects", even though we ate them anyways.

They were very hardy waffles and kept us full all day long.

Here's the recipe. I replaced whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose flour.

Since I just got out of the shower, I think it's time to start getting things ready for tomorrow. I've been so lazy today. I think it's a new trend for my Sundays. I love it!
What did you have for breakfast this morning?


  1. That all looks so yummy! BTW I tagged you with stylish blogger award. Check out my blog to find out what you have to do if you wan tot participate!

  2. You literally made me drool. Waffles and fresh oj...can I come over next sunday?