Friday, January 21, 2011

Date Night!!

Tonight was a very exciting night for us! Hubs and I went on a date. We rarely ever do this. The first thing was dinner. I was starving after work. I really worked up an appetite.

We went to CPK for some yummy pizza. Here's how we started. We shared some bread and we each got a soda. I haven't had a soda in a few months. I can tell. It was so sugary and it tasted so weird. I don't think I'll be having another any time soon.

We each got our own personal pizza (of course, since that's all they have). I got the pepperoni pizza. I can't remember what hubs got, but it looked weird. It had lettuce on it.

Here I am nice and full after our yummy dinner!

Even though it was freezing, I had to have some frozen yogurt. We walked to Big Spoon. This is the second time I've ever had this yogurt. It was so good! I think it's pretty cool, they charge by the ounce. They don't care what you have in it, just what it weights.
I got milk chocolate froyo with strawberries and a couple chocolate covered espresso beans. So good.

I was able to warm up In Peete's Coffee while hubs enjoyed his espresso. I didn't want one because I'm going to be getting up early tomorrow. I want to try to attempt another 10k. If it gets accomplished, I get to treat myself to a donut (and I'll bring one home for hubs).
Here's hoping for a 10k!


  1. Pizza looked yummy!!! Good luck on your 10k!!

  2. What a lovely evening with your husband! Best wishes on the 6.2!

  3. i find it funny that hubs got the weird pizza and you got the pepperoni! at my house josh will ONLY eat pepperoni pizza where as i am more open minded at times. hope the 10k went well!