Tuesday, January 18, 2011

10k is in My Horizon

Today was a great day overall! Work was perfect! I had some new ideas and everyone loved them!! Then, at the gym, I finally ran my 10k! It looks like my 10k I wanted to do in a few weeks may be possible.

When I got on the treadmill, I was just thinking that I would run 2 miles, when that came (and no pain), 3 miles, then 4, 5 and 6. At mile 6, I had more pain and pushed through until 6.2 miles were completed. I saw 8 people come and go, finishing their workouts on the treadmill. I was dripping with sweat while running and I could feel people looking at my time on the screen. Afterwards, I stretched and did my PT. Here I am after my shower, and getting ready to fix dinner. My face is still red.

Tonight's dinner was Parm Chicken ad brown rice from Brown Eyed Baker. Here's the recipe:


The rice need more time to cook and more liquid (I'd say instead of 1 1/2 cups, go with 2 cups of broth). This meant that the rice was a little crunchy. I think my jaw got a good workout with it. I was too hungry to finish cooking it. With this, we shared an artichoke. Since they really aren't in season right now, there wasn't too much meat. Hey, 78 cents, who can beat that. We got our money out of it.

Thanks so much for taking the time to fill out my poll. The results are: 35% of you are injured (I'm in that boat), 57% are not injured (so jealous of you) and 7% have just healed (jealous of you, too). I'm glad to hear so many of you aren't injured. I will post a new poll tomorrow. Keep an eye out.
What is your favorite veggie? Mine is green beans!!! I could eat them all day long.


  1. What kind of a sport is this, where 43% of us are either injured or just healed??? We must be crazy!

  2. Those are depressing stats!

    Glad you got your 10k in...I think you're headed towards uninjured!

  3. yum looks delish!
    my favorite are green beans too!

  4. I had fluster-face going on after my run today, I'm glad that's normal :) I love most veggies!! But I can't have beans :(

  5. That is amazing! I cannot imagine doing a 10K on a treadmill. That is some mental perseverance! The most I have done yet is 5 miles. I am training to get to that point, hopefully soon. Thanks for the inspiration!