Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day Trip to India

I am so proud of myself. I ran an entire 6 1/2 miles at the gym this morning. My legs felt great and my body wanted more. I gave it all I had. I ran my heart out. I loved every moment of my run. I watched some cooking show and some detective show (shows I've never watched before).

After relaxing for most of the afternoon, I started fixing our special dinner. Once a month, I make a dinner from another country. Tonight was Indian food. I love making things from different countries and planing. I'm a big planner, if you didn't know.

I made dessert first, even though we ate it last. We had some Ras Malai. If you like flan, you'd love this. I hate flan, so I hated this dish.

Here is the mixture for the main dish:

I love my new hand blender. This is what I used for my food processor.

We opened out shite wine from when we went to Apple Hill. Super yum!

Our main dishes included: Guferati (Indian Green Beans), Naan Bread, and Korma.

Everything was so good. I can't believe that I made this. I can't wait for leftovers. I hope they're as good as today.
Like I said before, dessert wasn't so good. Hubs didn't mind it. Here's what it looked like.

I'm unbelievably proud of how far I ran today. What was your workout like?


  1. How inventive and interesting!!!

    Workout was short and sweet..3.3 with my dog on my favorite trail.

  2. What a good idea! Very impressive!!! It all looks good!

  3. Wow... that meal looks delicious! I definitely want to expand my cooking horizons now and try some ethnic foods.

  4. Great run! I love Indian food. Yummy!