Friday, June 24, 2016

Summer running

I am loving this weather! It's cool in the morning (perfect for running/working out) and hot in the late afternoon (perfect for indoor playing/cool dinners). 

On Tuesday, I got in my second run (& I took the boys)! It feels good to run with them. Pushing the stroller makes the workout a full body workout.

This dinner was the perfect meal on a very hot evening. It's nice and cool and tastes great! All four of us loved it! Win, win, win, win!!!!

The boys and I try to spend as much time outside as possible, while its cool. We've been going to parks.

And of course, splash pads (this one was unexpected). That's why Lars isnt in the swim gear. 

Isn't summer time great?!?

This morning, I got up early and ran alone. I'm finally listening to podcasts. I'm  so behind on it too! I love it and it makes my runs go by so fast! Another run (with th boys) is part of my plan for this morning. I'm just going to do loops, because I have a friend coming over.

How do you stay cool during the summer? What's your favorite summer dish?

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