Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Pounding the pavement again

After resting a little (aka sleeping for an extra 25 minutes), I was able to get my sleepy butt out the door this morning. I couldn't get my eyes to stop watering. It looked like I was full on crying. I love running while the sun is on the rise!

After I got a few things done yesterday morning (& some sleep), I took the boys out for a very sweaty 3.5 mile run. They weren't hot, just me doing all the work, so they could get a nice breeze.

I've been so busy lately because I was planning a surprise 50th anniversary party for my parents. Family was in town and the next day was Father's Day. I think everyone had fun!

I have so much food in my fridge and even more dessert on my counters. It's very important I log as many miles in as possible!

How do you stay on track when you are so busy?

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