Thursday, March 31, 2016

Running with a side of picnic

Today was another day where my alarm couldn't get my ass out of my cozy bed. I did t mind that because I had a run with the boys on the schedule.

I really need to check out the front wheel, because if I try to run at any decent pace, it gets super wobbly. So, there are no sprints in my near future. That's a sad but happy thing. 

I had planned to stop at this park (about a mile away) and let the boys (yes, Shane already loves the swings) play for a bit and then have a picnic before more playing and our run home.

They loved it! It was a cool and breezy morning, but they were dressed warm & it felt nice for me after pushing the double stroller.

This was the start of a very busy weekend (all fun things). I can't wait!

Do you have an idea why the front wheel of the stroller would be so wobbly? Do you like picnics?

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