Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Arms & a burned pepper

It was another hard day on my arms. Holding Shane is going to kill them today! I remember when I first started working out (after having Shane), it was so difficult  lifting weights (really any workout was tough). I'm seeing a lot of progress and it makes me uber happy.

Shane has started solid foods (last month). I make everything myself from fresh fruits and veggies. One thing I remember Lars loving was green bell peppers. I know, odd, right?!? So, I decided to make them for Shane.

In order to blend the pepper, I had to peel the skin. How you peel a bell pepper is to burn the pepper. The skin, that is. I held it over an open fire (with tongs) until I heard a lot of popping and the skin was chard. Once the skin was chard, it was so easy to peel off.

It's pretty tedious to make this meal, but I wanted to see Shane would like it as much as Lars did. I tried it out (I purée everything with my breast milk). Come to find out, Shane hates the peppers, even when I mixed it with other things he loves (like yams). Oh well. That's how I know what he prefers. It was worth it!

What did you workout today? Did you child like anything uncommon?

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