Wednesday, March 23, 2016

BooginHead Review

The awesome people at BooginHead were so kind to send my 2 boys some really cool products to try out. They have so many great things to check out. You should check them out!

Lars loves the screw top squeez'ems. This mom loves them too. I can make my own smoothie and put them inside. This is how I sneak in veggies into Lars' diet.The only down side to these is that Lars always wants to set them down (before they're finished). Since I make my smoothies pretty liquid-fied, they pour out. You could always make thicker smoothies and maybe they wouldn't pour out. The top screws on and off and they're super easy to fill and clean.

Another handy item that they carry is the SippiGrip. Since Shane can't control his arms yet, especially when we're going for a walk to the park, it comes in handy when he loses control and throws his toys from the stroller (especially a ball). He just pulls it back up from the attachment. 

The splatmat is awesome because it can keep you dry on wet grass, or your floor clean during art project (or dinner, which is sometimes like an art project). It's 52" wide and can hold a bunch of stuff. I can't wait for better weather and we can take it outside! Lars always loves to play on it.

The huge hit in our house is the Sippisnack. It holds a snack and liquid (in our case gold fish and water) and one! Lars carries this everywhere. It stays in his room (without the snack) during nap and night time and all over the house and outside. It's perfect on the go! He has everything he needs in one place. I'll have to sneak it away from him sometime to finally wash it. He's pretty controlling over it.

One last thing (to make this mom's life a tad bit easier)...pack'ems. They are always in my baby bag. You can carry food, smaller toys, change, or anything you want. They have a great velcro closing at the top and can open up at the bottom, so they can stand up. 

I carry Shane's smaller stuff in them (teething rings and rags). I also carry an extra, just in case something happens or I need to put a snack in something. 

BooginHead really helps keep my life a little more sane. It helps my kids and makes their life a littel bit easier! I love that they love their stuff!

What keeps your life a little more sane? Workout wise, running, parenting?? Anything. I love tips!

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