Wednesday, March 30, 2016

1st run with the double stroller

I usually only run in the weekends, when Jasons home and we don't have to rush off anywhere first thing in the morning. Spring and summer time are very difficult to do that. We usually have things going on every single weekend. 

I belong to a moms running group here and someone on there (never met them before) offered me there old double running stroller. It was so sweet of them. They did mention that it was pretty dirty & had been sitting in the rain. Since I like to clean, I figured why not?!? I picked it up (10 minutes away from my house) and it's not that bad. One sunny afternoon, Lars and I cleaned it while Shane napped. It does have some stains, where the boys sit. But, it's not as bad as I was imagining.

I took that bad boy out for a test run this morning. We ran across the street, at the very local park. Lars hasn't been in a stroller in a very long time, so I wasn't sure how he would do, especially sharing the stroller with his brother.

They did great! Shane kept his hands folded the entire time, watching the trees, birds and everything else in his view. Lars kept me entertained by pointing out every trash can and water fountain we ran by.

Lars didn't like that we kept running past the swings (and actual park play area). Once I explained we would go play once I ran 2 laps, he was fine. 

I ended up running 2.36 miles at an extremely slow pace. I'll get faster once I get use to pushing both boys in this stroller. Tomorrow, we're going to run to another park (couple miles away), play and have a picnic. They will love it!

Who's your running partner (kids, dogs, another human, etc)?

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  1. I'm getting our double stroller as soon as our youngest is ready to go in it (still have a couple months)... not thrilled about starting stroller running again in the summer in Florida, but I know the fitness boost I'll get from it will be significant! haha