Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New Training Plan, Sweating Buckets & Dinner

Last night's workout was a killer. I was sweating so much. I started with my 5k, then headed over to the weight section of the gym. When I was on the bench press, my legs got stuck to the rubber of the machine. It was sopping wet, but hurt when I tried to peel myself off. After this hour workout, I still had an hour ripped class left for the night. Ripped always goes by so fast! Almost too fast! We jammed through the class, we were able to go through a quick ab routine. When I got home, I desperately needed a shower to wash off all my salt. It felt great once I was clean.

Dinner is such an important part of training. My dinners may not always be the best choice (healthy wise), but they always taste great! This week, I've been eating chicken in a basil cream sauce. So good! So not healthy for you!! I had it with garlic toast and green beans. 

Now, for what you've been waiting for...my new training plan:

I've noticed that some things didn't work with the time/schedule I already have. I don't want to wake up before the sun (except Saturdays) to workout. I still want a life and train at the same time. Last year, I didn't have a life and didn't get to spend a lot of time with Jason. I think falling asleep at 7:30pm will not work for me this year. 

Monday: 5k on tm (too dark, right now, outside), leg weights and 60 minute ripped class
Tuesday: 20 minutes (minimum) on stairs and 60 minute yoga class
Wednesday: 5k (on tm once again), leg weights, and 60 minute spin class
Thursday: long run (I'm starting at 5.5 miles since I'm so out of shape)
Friday: REST
Saturday: 5k + outside with friend
Sunday: REST

What's your dinner looking like? Are they always healthy? Do you ever change your training after you've started it?

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  1. Yum that chicken looks delish! Not training right now, just getting over a pelvic stress fracture and back into running!