Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sprints and and the Time I Broke the Treadmill

Look at these legs. They are so powerful! So powerful, they broke a treadmill.

It started with a mile warm up. I upped the speed, to start my 3 more miles of sprints. I turned the treadmill up to 8.5 and stepped off. I glanced up at the tv on the wall and when I looked back at the treadmill, it was going crazy. All the numbers were flashing 8 in everywhere possible (times, mileage, calories, ect) and the map showed a full graph and everything. It was crazy. Also, I couldn't get the treadmill to stop. It was going 8.5 and fast. 

The 2 older men on either side of me were starring at me and wondered why I was walking away from this crazy machine. I walked away to get someone to make the craziness stop. When the manager came over, the guys were telling him how fast I was going, while I was running on it. One of them said I was like "the energizer bunny. I just kept going and going". It was so cute. 

The managers just unplugged the treadmill and looked at it in a very confused way. I really did break it! I  moved to another treadmill and enjoyed a very speedy 3 miles in sprints. I loved that it only took me 22 minutes. Love it! I wasn't really feeling my spin class, so I came home and made potato and leek soup. It was so worth it!

Have you ever broken a treadmill or anything like that?  Anyone running CIM this weekend? I live very close to the course!


  1. Lol you broke the treadmill! I love doing sprints on the treadmill.

  2. Not running CIM, but I live near-ish it, too. Lincoln! Grew up in Folsom, though, where it starts.

    That said, hope the weather isn't too crazy for the runners. If the wind is anything like today, it will be miserable out there.